beyond the word. delivering the message.®
Avantgarde Translactions beyond the word... delivering the message
  • “Avantgarde Translations truly understands their role of being a guardian of translation quality. They are well organized and professional with promptness in delivery and numerous follow ups. Their ability to offer quality translations will serve them well as they continue to serve clients in a variety of languages and marketplaces.”
    — Sherri Dodd-Tummiccelli (Capital Associated Industries)

Avantgarde Translations is a language services company offering an array of multilingual services including translation and interpreting, editing, proofreading, translation reviews, and cultural consulting.

Since 2004, AGT has grown to international status, with offices in the United States, Canada, and Africa, by offering language services and support that go beyond the words to deliver the message. Our firm has become a market leader and preferred vendor as a result of supporting clients with the tools to reach and motivate new and existing audiences through world-class language solutions.

Our passion for delivering every message accurately from one language to another is demonstrated in our uncompromising focus on the details through our proprietary process. We take great pride in our commitment to enriching and enhancing multilingual communications by bridging the communication gaps between different cultures.

Just as our name reflects, we bring an original approach to language services. We analyze every project before proposing a solution. Our comprehensive approach focuses on considering four key elements of a language — the subject, style, tone and target audience. Our method ensures that the end-product delivers the same effect in the target language as was intended in the original language — accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich a company’s multilingual communications by bridging the linguistic and cultural gaps that exist between different languages. This enables us to provide customized language solutions that go beyond the word to deliver the message … your message.

Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message
beyond the word. delivering the message.®