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About Us - Management

Isata Jones-Stanley has been working in the translation industry for 14 years as a freelance and corporate in-house translator. With B.A. degrees in French and English Language and Literature, and an M.A. in Translation, Isata has reinforced her education and experience with regular travel to countries in Europe, Africa, and North America. For a complete resumé on Isata, click here.

Memuna Williams has more than 16 years of experience in the translation industry as a freelancer and in-house translator and manager of multilingual projects for top U.S. and Canadian companies. In addition to a B.A. and M.A. in Translation, Memuna has also been certified by the American Translators Association and has an MBA. Her expertise has been sought by the trade industry for articles on translation and operating a translation company. Memuna’s cultural expertise has been advanced through travel around Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. For a complete resumé on Memuna, click here.

Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message