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Selected testimonials from clients and collaborators of Avantgarde Translations:

“Avantgarde Translations truly understands their role of being a guardian of translation quality. They are well organized and professional with promptness in delivery and numerous follow ups. Their ability to offer quality translations will serve them well as they continue to serve clients in a variety of languages and marketplaces.”

- Sherri Dodd-Tummiccelli (Capital Associated Industries)

“Avantgarde Translations has emerged as a first class organization. They will set the bar for what exceptional service will be.”

- Robyn Hamilton, President & CEO, Carolinas MSDC

“I am impressed with Avantgarde Translations’ bottom line focus on offering me options and ways to save money without sacrificing quality. This shows their business mindedness along with their knowledge of translation and the ways it can be done most effectively.”

- Mike Zimmer, President, Cyril Bath Company

“The experience and knowledge that Avantgarde brings to translation is impressive. This knowledge is valuable to me as a translator as we collaborate on projects.”

- Dana Gibson, Translator

"We were working with several language services firms, but finding inconsistency in both accuracy and delivery. Over a six to eight month period, we assessed each company's capabilities, quality and overall service. Avantgarde Translations is now handling all of our translation needs because they exceeded expectations in all areas. From their responsiveness and ability to meet our timelines to accuracy, consistency and fair pricing, they have proven to be a true value-added partner to us."

- Tracy Bisha, Marketing Manager, Greenfiber

"We rarely need a language services company, so use them sporadically. One particular bid opportunity arose with a short turn-around requiring the translation of an 80-page request for Proposal document from Spanish to English. We approached a couple of firms based near us, but none were willing to translate the document in such a short time frame. This was not the case with Avantgarde Translations. Their team turned around the translation over a weekend in order to give us time to review and prepare our proposal. A few days later, we were informed we won the bid. Avantgarde Translations proved its ability to respond, produce, and help us compete."

- George Whittier, President, Fairbanks Morse Engine

"Avantgarde Translations’ accuracy and turn-around is absolutely wonderful. We are not fluent in Spanish, so accuracy is essential. We need to be able to completely trust the company we work with in producing our translations. Avantgarde Translations is a highly professional firm and we value the work that they do for us.

Whether it’s a translation that needs to be produced in two days’ notice or for our scheduled Run of Paper advertising, Avantgarde Translations’ business-mindedness results in always getting what we need done. They are very customer-service oriented keeping us in the loop every step of the way. From confirming receipt and providing status updates to knowing exactly when to expect, they truly serve their customers with processes in place to consistently and impressively deliver."

- Amy Davey, Advertising, Print Production & Media Manager, BI-LO LLC

Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message