beyond the word. delivering the message.
Avantgarde Translactions beyond the word... delivering the message

What We Do

Avantgarde Translations serves a diverse base of global clients in a variety of industries. We have been an ongoing resource for labor and employee relations, marketing and communications, international relations, corporate management, legal and human resource departments, and immigration.

Our Services include:

  • Language Translation Services,using our five-step tried and tested translation process for accuracy, reliability and a quality end-result, to help you effectively communicate your message as intended.
  • Translation Reviews and Revisions when you need a second opinion to ensure that the translation is accurately communicating the intended message, includingexplanations for recommended revisions or changes to the initial translation.
  • Multilingual Editing and Proofreading to be your final set of eyes for documents prepared in-house or by other sources to identify mistakes, ambiguities, mistranslations, grammatical errors, or cultural ramifications.
  • Cultural/Multilingual Consulting to help you ensure that your corporate image is accurately reflected on a global scale in how you connect, communicate and expand within your global marketplace to give your organization a communications edge.

You can always be confident in the end result.We understand that every project or document you entrust to us will ultimately be a reflection of you whether you are communicating with internal or external stakeholders.

Projects we can handle for you include:

  • Annual reports
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures
  • Collateral materials
  • Correspondence
  • Clinical trial documents
  • Court case documents
  • IPO circulars
  • Legal contracts
  • Patient information
  • Press releases
  • Research surveys / reports
  • Training materials
  • Quarterly reports
  • Website content

Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message
beyond the word. delivering the message.®