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Avantgarde Translactions beyond the word... delivering the message
  • “Avantgarde Translations truly understands their role of being a guardian of translation quality. They are well organized and professional with promptness in delivery and numerous follow ups. Their ability to offer quality translations will serve them well as they continue to serve clients in a variety of languages and marketplaces.”
    — Sherri Dodd-Tummiccelli (Capital Associated Industries)

What We Do - Cultural/Multilingual Consulting

Understanding the culture behind a language is as important as knowing the language. This is the difference between a translation that communicates versus a translation that merely renders words into another language. We use proper idiomatic expressions in our translations. In addition, we have quality control measures in place to further ensure accuracy from a cultural standpoint as well as from a communications standpoint including:

  • Informing you of cultural reasons for word or image choices within a translation based on cultural preferences or expectations.
  • Testing new product and service names with language experts for the international markets you are targeting.
  • Adapting product or service campaigns for appropriate markets.
  • Compiling reports to help you make informed decisions about where or whether to use a possible product or service name.
Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message