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  • “Avantgarde Translations truly understands their role of being a guardian of translation quality. They are well organized and professional with promptness in delivery and numerous follow ups. Their ability to offer quality translations will serve them well as they continue to serve clients in a variety of languages and marketplaces.”
    — Sherri Dodd-Tummiccelli (Capital Associated Industries)


Thank you for your interest in working with Avantgarde Translations. We take pride in offering our clients access to a professional team of translators who are focused on providing high quality work and great customer service. Your interest in working with us attests to your desire to collaborate with a company dedicated to the highest professional standards in delivering service to clients.

Avantgarde Translations screens candidates using a five-step process including qualification, testing, agreement, recording of information and assignment. Requirements include:

  • A university degree in translation or interpreting, plus a minimum of 5 years of experience translating or interpreting;

  • Proficiency in source and target languages, translating into native languages, and specific subject matter expertise;

  • Knowledge of commonly used software and hardware, and reliable internet connectivity.Candidates must also be well read and have research capabilities.

  • Successfully passing examination that will confirm competency in language quality, accuracy,terminology, functionality, country standards, and meeting deadlines.

  • Once approved, translators are required to sign a consultant and confidentiality agreement.

In order to be considered, please provide your resume to

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Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message