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What We Do - Language Translation Services

Our language translation service is a tried and tested process, which produces high-quality results. Following a clearly defined procedure and using an experienced team of professional translators ensures accuracy regardless of the languages involved.

Due to our attention to detail, Avantgarde Translations is often retained to serve as a multilingual project manager for ongoing client communications, such as news releases, or for larger projects including evidence for court cases, instructional manuals, and multiple marketing pieces or websites requiring several languages.

Whether it is a small project or a larger undertaking, we put the same level of attention into ensuring the quality and accuracy you expect.

  • A team of professional translators, revisers, and multilingual editors is assigned to projects according to subject matter and industry.
  • A team leader oversees the project and is responsible for the final result.
  • The final revised translation is reviewed and critiqued by the entire translation team.
  • The final document is submitted to the client as a fine-tuned target language document.
Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message