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  • “Avantgarde Translations truly understands their role of being a guardian of translation quality. They are well organized and professional with promptness in delivery and numerous follow ups. Their ability to offer quality translations will serve them well as they continue to serve clients in a variety of languages and marketplaces.”
    — Sherri Dodd-Tummiccelli (Capital Associated Industries)

Who We Serve - Corporate Legal

How We Can Serve YOU!

  • Cases
  • Community assessments
  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Depositions
  • Legal questions
  • Mergers / Acquisitions
  • Website FAQs

The above is a partial listing of translation projects.

Several of the legal projects we have completed for our clients involve strict deadlines due to the closing date for a transaction or court filing dates and times. Clients of legal language services need a partner who can be responsive in the face of these constraints and also provide accurate, immediately usable documents. Avantgarde Translations is a perfect fit as a partner for legal clients because we understand these demands and take them seriously. We listen to our clients, and pay careful attention to their needs. As a result, we are able to distinguish ourselves by executing different projects according to client specifications every time.

Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message