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Avantgarde Translactions beyond the word... delivering the message
  • "We rarely need a language services company, so use them sporadically. One particular bid opportunity arose with a short turn-around requiring the translation of an 80-page request for Proposal document from Spanish to English. We approached a couple of firms based near us, but none were willing to translate the document in such a short time frame. This was not the case with Avantgarde Translations. Their team turned around the translation over a weekend in order to give us time to review and prepare our proposal. A few days later, we were informed we won the bid. Avantgarde Translations proved its ability to respond, produce, and help us compete."
    — George Whittier, President, Fairbanks Morse Engine

Why Us - Unique Approach


We specialize in multilingual translation services because we want to put all of our resources and expertise into bringing you a product that delivers more than just a translation of words. Our translations go beyond the words to deliver your message. That is why we take a multifaceted approach to professional translation that focuses not only on accuracy, but also on clarity. In each translation, we always consider:

  • THE WORDS: The use of words and terminology is based on the audience and the industry area. This ensures that the correct level of language and appropriate technical terms will effectively communicate the intended message.
  • THE LANGUAGE: Where and how the translation will be used and correct use of language for a particular region can have a significant impact on the final product. Accuracy is key during this step of the process.
  • THE WRITING STYLE: Style impacts the manner in which the translation conveys the facts based on the objective of the communication. Understanding the client’s desired end result enables us to adopt an appropriate style in the target language.
  • THE TONE: An effective translation incorporates the emotional aspect and mood of the communication: Is it to be serious or light-hearted, informal or formal, factual or imaginative? These types of questions will affect our choice of words, terminology, and writing style.
  • THE PURPOSE: The meaning and value of a document is directly linked to the ultimate purpose of the intended communication. Understanding the purpose for which the document was initially created and remaining mindful of this purpose throughout the translation process is critical to the document’s accuracy and effectiveness in reaching its desired audience.
Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message