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Avantgarde Translactions beyond the word... delivering the message
  • "We were working with several language services firms, but finding inconsistency in both accuracy and delivery. Over a six to eight month period, we assessed each company's capabilities, quality and overall service. Avantgarde Translations is now handling all of our translation needs because they exceeded expectations in all areas. From their responsiveness and ability to meet our timelines to accuracy, consistency and fair pricing, they have proven to be a true value-added partner to us."
    — Tracy Bisha, Marketing Manager, Greenfiber

Why Us - Values & Philosophy

Avantgarde Translations was founded with a focus on bringing higher standards of practice to the professional translation services. Our approach is driven by our commitment to excellence in everything we do as well as by our strong values in how we conduct business.

  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We believe that an ongoing focus on remaining efficient and effective enables us to deliver a superior product and serve our clients better than anyone else.
  • RESPONSIVENESS AND ACCESSIBILITY: We want every client to feel valued in their dealings with us. We believe that being responsive and accessible are critical to success. Therefore, we make ourselves available at different phases of a project so that you can always be confident in the end result.
  • UPFRONT AND ACCOUNTABLE: Being forthright in our communications and fully understanding what is expected of us results in interactions of mutual respect. You will appreciate our direct way of doing business, while building a personal rapport and obtaining a clear understanding of your specific objectives.
  • A REFLECTION OF YOU: We understand that every project or document you entrust to us will ultimately be a reflection of you whether you are communicating with internal or external stakeholders. Accordingly, we remain focused from the onset on our deliverable to you and our relationship with you. Your satisfaction is earned through our relentless drive to build a relationship that enhances your key objectives and goals.
Beyond the Word ... Delivering the Message